Christina works in the demon hunter kingdom as a Processor. She processes the new arrivals caught by the Hunters. Christina and her crew are the first stop that the newly captured demons encounter, before being sorted into their own respective cages within the prison.

Christina's job is to subject the demons to a series of (sometimes intrusive) tests and receive answers of various prying questions into the demon's life, past and present, and magical abilities that it may contain (should the demon be able to talk, that is). She does this to designate the correct location and restrictions (based on the soul power and magics of the demon) that the new arrivals should be subjected to during their imprisonment.

Often times, the demons are not willing to provide such intimate answers of their own state, and that's where Christina's job comes in. She is persistent. A constant driven force that manipulates with her words, always finding ways to interrogate and squeeze the truth out of a demon with every question and response. She is not one that enjoys tormenting a demon, she sympathizes with many of them, from all the stories of their lives she's heard, her heart goes out to them, but also fascinates her more; with that said, sometimes a demon will be subjected to a series of small shocks, magics, or other intrusive methods to force out the information she requires.

Christina enjoys her job immensely. Every demon has a story to tell, and it's her job to hear it. To learn about each individual that passes through her interrogation chamber before being released into the cell block of her judgement.

She finds demons fascinating and quite often, finds them more attractive and alluring than any of the human peers she works with. This has gotten her into some unique situations with various demons that has put her on suspension from her position from her supervisors a few times in the past, but she has far from learnt her lesson.

On her days off, she can be found wandering the cell blocks, engaging in (often flirty) conversations with the demon prisoners, or tagging along a hunt with the Hunters when she's allowed to. Her guiding excuse is that she needs to study demon's in their 'natural' state outside of prison, to enhance her Processor skill sets. She may not be a hunter and know the tools of the trade, but she can defend herself when need be. One should not be fooled by her apparent dimwitted naivety, for it is all an act, and she is capable of being a ferocious beast in her own right, should she be crossed or placed in imminent danger.

When Astasia is reprimanded for summoning a demon from Hell ( Grieve ), Christina is one of the only few that visit her in her cell throughout her sentence. She falls for the sad woman whose flesh is littered with magic symbols and whose hair is tangled from years of neglect.

Christina studies her with as much fascination as she would a demon under her supervision. She calls Astasia a dear friend, but is that really what her feelings represent? Or is it just the dark curiosity that continuously draws Christina back to that cell...

Various scars are adorn across her chest, from past run ins with demons she's encountered. Some situations she'd subjected herself to when she shouldn't have, curiosity getting the better of her. But this would only strengthen her intrigue towards the dangerous creatures she's surrounded by all the time.

One of her most notable scar stories, was the one where she protected a family from a gruesome death against three(?) demons (sometimes four demons, depending on who she's boasting to). She fought them off with nothing but her bare hands and the clothes on her back. Although she wears the scars with pride, they tend to throb and ache time and again when the weather is cold. It's a gentle reminder as to what she's dealing with and why demons should be behind bars, away from innocent folk of the land.


Soul Origin: lion creature once - sphinx creature once - human once
Age: 26

Music:She Wolf - David Guetta